Who Chiseled That? The Story of a Life Unscripted, Unstoppable & Unexpectedly Funny

One night only!
November 18, 2023 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm Pelham, NY

About the Show:

If you like Mrs. Maisel, you’ll love Merit!

‘Who Chiseled That?’ Is a show that belongs on Broadway!

Who Chiseled That? is a comedic revelation of a Gen Xer that reimagines the bumps in life like divorce, illness, career and dating mishaps with laughter. The show invites audiences to find humor in the everyday dramas of their own evolution, adding a touch of heart to life’s lessons. Debuting in 2019 to sold-out crowds and rave reviews, it has been hailed as a must-see performance.

Merit Kahn, writer, producer & star of Who Chiseled That? originally conceived the show as a 50-minute stand-up comedy set to celebrate her 50th birthday, but it quickly escalated into a full-blown one-woman show.

Kahn believes that the show’s main theme, “find the funny to turn bad situations around when things go awry,” resonates with audiences. “It’s not my life story that matters,” says Kahn, “it’s that people leave the theater inspired by their own life story. People say you can’t change the past, but I’m living proof that you can change your future when you rewrite your past, especially through the lens of comedy, and I’m on a mission to spread the word.”

Audiences say…

Why It’s a MUST SEE:

  • It’s more than a comedy; it’s a reflection of life’s quirks and surprises.
  • It’s universally relatable: Merit’s stories aren’t just hers – they mirror the triumphs, tumbles, and tales we’ve all lived through. It’s a shared journey of laughter, packed into a single captivating performance.
  • Amid the laughter, there’s inspiration. The show invites you to look at your own past and future with a fresh, joyous perspective.


“A masterstroke in comedic storytelling!”

“Equal parts hilarious and heart-touching. A theatrical must-see.”

“‘Who Chiseled That?’ – A show that makes you laugh, reflect, and embrace life’s quirks.”

“As hilarious as it is touching. A must-watch.”

“Who Chiseled That? Is a great show! Merit makes you laugh, cry in the same moment!”

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