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If your team needs to adapt to change…
If your team needs a reset…
If you want to reinvigorate your sales team…
You’ve got Merit (pun intended)

I’m Merit Kahn, CEO of SELLect Sales Development, Emotional Intelligence Expert and Certified Speaking Professional. 

For 20+ years I have worked with salespeople, entrepreneurs, professionals and business leaders who are frustrated because…

  • Their ideal prospects were not receptive to their offers
  • They struggled to reach their aggressive sales goals
  • The pace of change meant always being in catch up mode
  • There was never time for creating innovative ideas
  • Profit margins were slowly shrinking
  • Employees were overworked, over tired and overwhelmed

Have you ever felt like you were pushing against the tide when what you really want is to be open to receiving more business success? 

You are not alone. 

Let’s face it, you already read all the best business books. You have moved past good and now you’re great. You are vulnerable. You moved cheese. You know your why. You’ve made friends and influenced people. So what’s next? 

What makes these books useful is not specific to what’s written, but to the specific people who read them. The secret is in your ability to stay open-minded to the teachings. How you do that all starts with a system based on scientifically validated research called The Open For Business Framework.

My signature keynotes are based on the premise that four simple words create new possibility.

The Open For Business Framework

Deliberately designed to impact the three essential ingredients for success:



Expand what you believe is possible



Strengthen the skills you need to execute



Create a plan to be in consistent action

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What happens when you use

The Open For Business Framework

Greater confidence when presenting your solutions

Increased optimism in the potential of the future

Rapid culture shifts throughout your organization

Faster speed to innovative ideas and offers

Higher profit margins

Decreased unwanted costly employee turnover

Ready to talk?

“Merit” literally means “worthy of praise.” So let’s make a deal, I’ll deliver a program that is worthy and you bask in the glory of the praise. Deal?

I’ve spent more than two decades working with professionals across a myriad of industries from Pharma to Pest Control. They sharpened their sales skills, fine tuned their action plans and, most importantly, shifted their mindset about what is possible for their lives, businesses and growth potential.

All it takes is one magic question that opens minds… and open minds close deals.

If you’re open to it, let’s talk about your event.

Are you Open for Business?


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