If I had a dollar for every time a coaching client asked me that question I would be buying a whole lot of expensive stuff!

Here’s the deal. I could teach you all the right things to say to justify your price, but I promise you… if you are out there shopping around to get the cheapest price, you are not likely to use what you learned to say. 

How you buy impacts how you sell. Period.

If you sell something that is considered an expensive offer in the marketplace, then your homework assignment is to go shopping… and pay a premium for what you buy. 

You heard me.

(I should probably give you a disclaimer… I’m divorced… so, this particular strategy may be good for sales, not so good for relationships. Just sayin…)

Here are some quick tips to close more deals when you are the more expensive option:

  • Make sure you have a strong money mindset
  • Ask great questions that challenge your prospect so they discover they need what you offer
  • People will find incredible ways to fund projects they are personally committed to so make sure you are having deep enough sales conversations 

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