Every year we attempt to convince ourselves that this year we will be different, better, stronger, richer, faster, more productive, fitter, more caring, more generous… we’ll get more sleep, more business, more sex. We’ll eat less and save more. We’ll wake up earlier and fall asleep easier.

Gimme a break.

Oh, and this new year, everything was supposed to be remarkably better as soon as 2020 was done. Puh-leeze. 

Hate to be the bad guy, but the only thing that can change miraculously is not the page on the calendar, it’s the energy we bring to the intentions we set for the coming year. 

Sure you want to make more money, but do you believe that’s possible as a starting point? And if you do believe it, have you set up the structure and systems to make that possible? Do you have the skills you need to accomplish that? Are you on track to acquire those skills? In the meantime, can you get support in terms of people who can help you learn or get things done while you do other things?

Here’s an example from my real world experience…

One of the primary revenue streams in my business is speaking at large conferences. Not only do I get paid handsomely for presenting keynote speeches and training sessions for business audiences, everyone in the room is a marketing prospect to sell more speeches. When the pandemic caused all events to shut down not only did I lose a revenue stream, but my best marketing stream as well. 

Boom. Gone.

That left me with two options:

  1. Whine about not making money until meetings come back in fashion. (yep, I did a couple weeks of this… hey, I’m not perfect either okay?!)
  2. Figure out how to change the model in which I deliver my expertise and start to market my services in new ways.

There are three parts of a successful transition into something new. I call it The Merit Method Big Three. All three are equally important. You are likely stronger in one of the three areas so lean into that one and raise the levels of the other two to bring them in balance with your more natural strength.

The Merit Method Big Three are:

  1. Mindset
  2. Mechanics
  3. Motion
  • Mindset is what you believe is possible.
  • Mechanics has to do with the nuts and bolts of how to do what is possible.
  • Motion is what you do to make it possible.

 (More on this in future blog posts and on the weekly program I co-host with Sales Tech Guru, Julie Holmes, The Smarter Sales Show on your fave podcast platform)

In any domain of life where you want to improve, there is a gap between now and what you see as a possibility. To bridge that gap, first ask yourself if it’s a mindset, mechanics or motion issue. Then use my 4S Sequence to determine where to start. 

The 4S Sequence I work on with my clients is always this:

  1. Strategy
  2. Structure
  3. Staff
  4. Skills

First, do you have a strategy to bridge the gap? In my case, virtual training was a strategy to deliver my expertise while the pandemic prevented live meetings.

Second, do you have structures in place to get from here to there? I did not, so I built a video studio in my home and purchased all the necessary equipment.

Third, do you have the staff you need to execute on your strategy? The team that supports me in planning and delivering live events have different skills than what was required in this environment. Some adapted, others did not so I hired a virtual presentation producer, video editing team and a market research assistant. The new strategy needed the right new team.

Finally, do you have the skills you need to create your new possibility in reality? Sure, I had some skills… I’m an accomplished presenter, no fear of the camera and I’ve got solid content, but I didn’t know how to set up a professional video studio, do basic edits, create a consistent marketing campaign or host a podcast. I had to learn new skills to relevant in a virtual selling world.

If you find yourself in the same boat, with a fresh outlook on new possibilities, but not sure how to get from here to there, first consider The Merit Method Big Three and then work through the 4S Sequence.

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