I get it, there’s a global pandemic. It’s real. It’s not to be taken lightly and it’s quickly changing business as we know it today. 

Much of my business revenue comes from speaking at conferences. From there, I get hired for consulting projects and people enroll in my Sales Mastery courses. Not only is speaking a revenue stream, it’s also a critical component of marketing my business. 

And conferences all over the world are being cancelled. Okay, Coronavirus, you got my attention.

Just days into the saga turning from “what’s happening in China?” to full on global pandemic, I’ve already had conversations with entrepreneurial peers and read their FaceBook posts about their plans to use this “down time” to organize their office, catch up on things and “get ready to get ready” for when this blows over.

That makes me giddy. I hope all of my competitors do exactly that. 

Because while they are clearing our their emails, I’ll be reaching out to my clients and prospects. I’ll be serving my audience with my message about being “Open for Business” in action and attitude. I’ll be launching a new podcast because it will be a place for people to get a daily dose of  “get your head in the game” mindset to be productive in the face of pandemic. (Ooooh… that’s a great title!)

So, here’s my assignment for you today. Get one of those disinfectant wipes and rub it all over your hands or wash your hands with soapy water and instead of singing happy birthday, use those 20 seconds to get excited about the edge you now have over your competition. Get excited that your prospects and clients have time to take your call, because they are bumbling around their house wondering how exactly this work from home thing works. 

Have empathy for what your clients and prospects are dealing with right now, but be that source of normalcy and invite them to get their business brain back on track. 

There will be plenty of time to catch up on the day’s drama when the work day is done. 

You got this. Broadway is dark for a bit, so apparently the show won’t go on, but the sell must go on. Do your part to stay Open for Business.

Happy selling!


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