In my last blog post Habits Not Hope I shared five habits for the new year that have been working for me. Happy to report that we are three weeks into the new year and the habits have stuck.

What’s great about sharing authentically in this blog is that I get to learn what resonated with you from the blog post. I really appreciate hearing your takeaways.

Jerome is a past client from more than a decade ago and he sent me this note after reading the blog:

Hey Merit, I just ordered a Pavlok and started my own daily writing habit. Thanks for the tips! It seems like what you’ve done is removed obstacles. So many times I try to make myself do something different or better, but I never really removed the blocks in the way. I have told myself a million times I’ll get up earlier and stop resetting my alarm, but from what I understand about the zapping thing is that it will do the part I haven’t been able to do… get me out of bed. I think your idea about creating an environment that gets you in the zone for the task at hand is a really good one. I’m working on getting that set up so thanks for the inspiration! Keep the good ideas flowing.

Nothing like a little social proof to keep me motivated to continue to share… so on that note… my favorite all time sales book… drumroll please… Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Revised Edition by Robert Cialdini, Ph.D.

The intention of the book is to help you understand the six weapons of influence that are at work on you as a consumer. (Hint, “Social Proof” is one of them, which is why I am sharing this now) When you understand what has influence over you, you are in a better position to understand how to use that same tool to benefit everyone (notice I didn’t say manipulate everyone). Spoiler alert, social proof is full proof. It’s either working for you or against you.

I’ll share more insights from the book in future blog posts, but for now, grab a copy and ask yourself how I incorporated the principle of Social Proof into this blog and did it move you to take an action that would ultimately be good for you? Then, let me know… ya know, so I can share it as more social proof.