High Stakes & High Heels: The Sassy Art of Selling to the C-Suite

There once was a gutsy sales rep named Lucy. She was clever, confident, and yes, she had a little bit of sass to her, but she had never sold to the C-Suite before. One day, she found herself gearing up for the most significant pitch of her life – to the CEO of a multinational […]

“10 Questions to Ask Your Sales Team: The Decathlon of Sales Success

Recently a client challenged me to help them amp up their sales meetings. They wanted to spark creative thinking and identify blindspots regarding their offers, sales process and culture. They wanted 10 questions to ask their sales team that weren’t just “out-of-the-box” thinking, they wanted “box-isn’t-even-in-the-building” thinking. Intrigued? You should be. You see, a study […]

Cold Hard Truth About Best Cold Calling Opening Lines

More than two decades ago, when I embarked on my sales training, coaching, and consulting adventure, I was frequently bombarded with the question: “What are the best cold calling opening lines?” You see, in those prehistoric days, making cold calls was the bread and butter of prospecting. Fast forward to today, with the advent of […]

Why is building rapport so important in sales

When I opened my sales training company in 1998, I taught building rapport as the first step in a sales process designed to sell a prospect on buying products and services. However, looking back, it was something that was taught in order to close business, and not meant to be a manipulative technique. Today, prospects […]