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The Secret Cellar is a party space set up like an intimate speakeasy tucked deep into SE Aurora, CO that feels like a downtown NY club... without the pricey drinks. All our shows are BYOB and all we ask is that you tip our talented performers generously so we can bring the best to the burbs. This isn't a business, it's a space where we host parties for people who love to laugh. Can't make any of these dates? Scroll down & add your name to the list to be the first to know about what's coming up downstairs in the cellar!

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A Hot Lineup of Laughs in August!

Dirty Night at The Secret Cellar

Thurs, Aug 17, 7-9pm

Dirty X-rated Comedy Show

This is not your grandma's comedy club - we're pushing boundaries and raising pulses in our suburban sanctuary of sass. You've been warned... it's dirty, but nobody will see you blush in the dark.

Thursday, Aug 24, 7-9pm

Merit's One Woman Comedy Show

The performance is a blend of the profound and the playful, the hilarious and the heartfelt, with enough wit and wisdom to keep you pondering long after the final bow.

august 24, 2023 show
August 25 & 26 7pm The Secret Cellar

Friday, August 25, 7-9pm

Headliner: Carole Montgomery

Who's up for a night with clever lady comics... the kind of women who don't give a @#$% and say it like it is. Plus a coupon for $25 off shoes... a table of sex toys that will make you blush and a dessert party... because what could be better than ladies, laughing, shoe shopping, sex toys & dessert??? Gather your fave girlfriends (men welcome too... we'll be nice) and reserve your seats asap while tix are still available!

August 25 & 26 7pm The Secret Cellar

Saturday, Aug 26, 7-9pm

Headliner: Carole Montgomery

Calling all ladies who love to laugh at clever relatable humor tailor made for the mature woman... and the men who love them. Turn off your TV because tonight The Secret Cellar is proud to present Showtime's Funny Women of a Certain Age live and a dessert party with the comedians!

FREE events for professional speakers & comedians

professional speakers rehearsal meet up at The Secret Cellar


Pro Speakers Rehearsal Meet Up

A FREE exclusive, intimate and focused opportunity for professional speakers to hone their skills and perfect their programs.

Comedian Joke Journal Writing Group at The Secret Cellar


Comedian Joke Journal Writing Group

This is a FREE working session where comedians come together to get ideas, workshop new material and generally grow to like each other.

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