Should I Sell Or Should I Go Now

There are two schools of thought regarding sales and marketing right now and if you are a business owner, entrepreneur or sales professional, it’s mission critical that you understand where you and your offers fit into the pandemic puzzle. First, let’s distinguish between sales and marketing. Marketing is everything you do to generate conversations. Once […]

Productivity During Pandemic


I’m not a productivity expert, but I have worked with sales professionals, entrepreneurs and business leaders for more than two decades. These are people who need to get things done no matter what is hitting the fan around them.  Today, there are a whole bunch of Americans working from home for the very first time. With […]

Why Sales Calls Are Different Now

Ok. Here’s the deal. If you are picking up the phone to make sales calls the exact same way you did two weeks ago, you are in an argument with reality. Stop it.  This morning, yes, on a Sunday, I got a message from a business owner friend of mine. She has been inundated with calls from […]

Selling in Spite of COVID-19

I get it, there’s a global pandemic. It’s real. It’s not to be taken lightly and it’s quickly changing business as we know it today.  Much of my business revenue comes from speaking at conferences. From there, I get hired for consulting projects and people enroll in my Sales Mastery courses. Not only is speaking […]

An expert sales trainer walks into a car dealership…

An expert sales trainer walks into a car dealership and… sounds like the beginning of a good joke. That’s what happened on Monday. And, yes, I am the expert sales trainer… thanks for noticing. It is my full time job to know all the tips, tricks, strategies, skills and all the other buzz words for […]

Fake It Till You Make It Is Terrible Advice

Faking it is never good.  Get your mind out of the gutter… or keep it there, I suppose, but for a moment focus on the business side of faking it, then you can get back to wherever else you went. Early in my career I remember a mentor telling me to act as if I had everything […]

How To Sell When Yours Is The More Expensive Option

If I had a dollar for every time a coaching client asked me that question I would be buying a whole lot of expensive stuff! Here’s the deal. I could teach you all the right things to say to justify your price, but I promise you… if you are out there shopping around to get the cheapest […]