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The Open For Business PDF

Open For Business Framework PDF Cover

In this quick read you will learn the three components of the Open for Business Framework and discover the first steps to take to be in powerful action toward achieving your goals.

Sales SWOT on Steroids

Sales SWOT on Steroids Image

Online assessment of your business Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats plus a 100% personalized analysis with recommendations to support your success

Lessons in Sales & Leadership From Comedians

What Comedy and Sales Have in Common

In this short video, discover what sales professionals and leaders can learn from comedians that will help you grow business and expand influence.

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“Merit” literally means “worthy of praise.” So let’s make a deal, I’ll deliver a program that is worthy and you bask in the glory of the praise. Deal?

I’ve spent more than two decades working with professionals across a myriad of industries from Pharma to Pest Control. They sharpened their sales skills, fine tuned their action plans and, most importantly, shifted their mindset about what is possible for their lives, businesses and growth potential.

All it takes is one magic question that opens minds… and open minds close deals.

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