Confidence & Comedy Bash!

Stand Up, Laugh Loud & Own Your Worth February 4, 2024 Charlotte, NC

Rewrite Your Past. Rewire Your Future.

Change The Way You Tell Your Life Story and Create The Next Chapter

Our past experiences and the stories we tell ourselves about them have a profound impact on our present and future. Imagine a transformative one-day workshop where you’ll embark on a unique journey to redefine your life story and reshape your future. 

This workshop offers a fresh perspective on the power of rewriting your life story. By revisiting and reshaping your past, you gain the ability to shift your beliefs, perspectives, and mantras. This newfound clarity and control over your narrative can open doors to new opportunities, improved relationships, and a brighter future.

Rewrite to Rewire

Rewrite your past, rewire your future, and discover the incredible potential within your own story

Based on the personal experience of Merit Kahn, Emotional Intelligence expert, playwright and producer of Who Chiseled That?, this workshop gives you access to take control of the narrative of your life, allowing you to see your past in a new light and create endless possibilities for your future.

Key Takeaways:




Invest in Yourself:

Note: Each participant will also receive a post-session one-on-one coaching call with the facilitator to further explore their personal journey and insights gained during the workshop.

Unlock your potential and take control of your life story. Join us for this extraordinary day of self-discovery and transformation.
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